Body Wraps

Body Wraps

Body Wraps for San Antonio, TX 

Over time, our bodies accumulate toxins in our fat cells. Our incredible body wraps use an all-natural process to extract those toxins and leave your body nourished, tightened and toned. Wraps are also the perfect way to help gastric bypass or lap band patients to tighten their flesh after losing large amounts of weight. We offer a variety of body wraps depending on your lifestyle, goals and budget. For the best results, we recommend a series of 6 to 12 wraps performed 5 to 7 days apart. However, a single body wrap can help you lose inches! Check out our FAQ page for information on how long they take, what to expect after the wrap is complete, and more.

Body Wraps San Antonio, TX

Our Body Shaping Options

Take a look at our many body wrap options, and don’t forget that we offer packages of 4 to 20 body wraps to help you save money.

CONTOURBELLY WRAP $120 - Introductory offer $70
Detox and Lose 3-15 inches on midsection.
Warm bandages are soaked in a mixture of minerals known for their nourishing properties and wrapped around the body. The contour belly wrap uses circulation and pressure on your midsection to flush toxins and waste materials. Compression wraps will produce inch loss and body sculpting, reduce the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks, and tighten and tone the soft areas of the body.  

CONTOUR BODY WRAP $145 - Introductory offer $95
Lose 6-30 inches in one hour
The contour body wrap uses circulation and pressure to flush toxins and waste materials from the system through external and internal detoxification of the body. As the solution removes toxins and increases circulation, our skilled technicians are able to create inch loss of up to 30 inches for optimized body shaping. You will lose inches, reduce the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks, tighten and tone, contour the soft areas of the body, and improve overall general health, all in one relaxing full body wrap treatment.

SUDABELLY WEIGHT AND INCH LOSS WRAP $170 - Introductory offer $120  
With this relaxing yet very effective treatment, we will be targeting your midsection while decreasing body fat. We will apply our body wrap gel and wrap your midsection with warm bandages that have been soaked in organic minerals. You will rest in an infrared heat blanket for 50 minutes where you will lose 3 to 10 inches in your midsection, burn calories, detoxify and rejuvenate your skin. Most popular among the military!

TURBO WEIGHT AND INCH LOSS WRAP $185 - Introductory offer $135
Lose inches and weight, and detox all in one treatment with our Signature Triple Duty Turbo Body Wrap. This treatment is a full body wrap. Your service begins with a vigorous dry brushing and application of our concentrated body wrap gel, followed by a contour wrap focusing on target areas for inch loss. You are then cocooned in our infrared heat blanket for 50 minutes. The result: reduced toxin levels, decreased body fat, smooth and hydrated skin, weight loss, and inch loss.

CONTOUR FACE WRAP $45 - Introductory offer $35
Give your face an instant lift. This treatment will help tighten and tone loose skin on your face and neck. Our technique concentrates on lifting your forehead and tightening loose and sagging skin under the chin and neck. Results are immediate and long-lasting.


(detox drink and supplements not included)
Complete the detox process by using the WIW 3-day Detox program following your studio treatment(s). Cleanse, retrain your body, AND lose 3-10 pounds in the days following your treatment. This plan does not contain pills or harmful yo-yo/dehydrative dieting practices.


Why Body Contouring?

Body contouring is a process that eliminates and reduces excessive skin and fat from the body. After a major weight loss, clients often complain of stubborn skin and fat sticking around long after they have slimmed down. By investing in regular body contouring procedures, our clients have seen an immediate reduction of fat, tightening of the skin, and an overall improvement in how their body looks and feels.

If you'd like more information about our body contouring wraps, please don't hesitate to give Wrapped in Wellness a call! We are the center for body wraps and wellness in San Antonio, TX. Slim up, detox, and get fit today.
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