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Wellness Consultation & Coaching

Wellness Consultation and Coaching in San Antonio, TX 

We are extremely excited to have Adiba Twigg, Wellness and Fitness Coach, join our team at Wrapped In Wellness. Adiba is here to assist you in finding your ways to get inspired and stick with your plan for a healthier you, for life.  She will work closely with you in empowering you to achieve your personal best.  Adiba will develop a wellness coaching relationship with you and assist you through the process of actively working towards better health by providing support, encouragement, and education. She’s here to empower you and give you the push at those times when you may need it the most.

Wellness Coaching, San Antonio, TX

Why Do You Need Wellness Coaching?

Our clients have experienced great results, for years, from all the services and the products we currently offer. Now we are adding a new dimension through our Wellness Consultations, to address your entire lifestyle.

The New Dimension at Wrapped In Wellness:
•    Healthy Eating made simple  menus/recipes
•    Exercising Programs – less time with better results
•    Natural Weight Loss (or gain if needed)
•    Fresh Start Cleansing Program – 5-week program
•    Healthy Body Cleanse – 3 to 5-day programs
•    Empowerments
•    Inspiration
•    Positive Support
•    A Community who believes in your success

Are you ready to transform your life and be the healthiest YOU can be?

By design, we will now be able to support you in filling in the gaps and you will see greater and more lasting results.

Consultations are $45/50 minutes, the $45 can/will be credited towards many of our Wellness Packages, which you will have the opportunity to learn more about and choose the one that best fits your goals, schedule and budget.

Book your Wellness Consultation with Adiba today, watch your confidence grow, and your health transform. We are all really looking forward to seeing you and celebrating your successes.  Book here!  
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