Are you feeling stuck? Do want to lose weight? Do you want to develop a new direction in life? Are you realizing that it is time to live life on your own terms? Do you want to fall in-love with your own life?

Hello, my name is Adiba, welcome. My professional career started with serving 13 years in the USAF. I was a Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counselor while in the military. My journey into wellness, fitness, nutrition, and coaching began after my honorable discharge from the Air Force in the early 1990s. I develop a huge interest and passion in natural health, wellness and prevention after going through a lifechanging health experience.

Today I am an entrepreneur, educator, business owner, I teach, I continue to learn and share, and I coach. I draw a lot from coaching which focuses on our way of being as a means of producing major shifts in perceptions and behaviors. Our way of being can be thought of as the internal reality we live in, which especially includes the relationship we have with ourselves. It is from this internal reality that we form our reality of the world we live in and how we chose to participate in it.

With my coaching the focus is on language, emotions and your physical abilities, to help you open up, expand and find ways to better communicate, and bring awareness to your way of being. Through the power of improving the quality of conversations, you improve communications, you become influential, build confidence and design the life you were created to live. Through this type of coaching you experience your breakthrough and becomes unstuck and truly create and live your life by design.

Are you ready to design a life you love?

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